Yoran Political States

The many peoples of the continent of Yora occasionally refer to themselves collectively as the Yoran, a term which was created during the East Sea War over one hundred years ago. Little solidarity arises from this term currently, however. Ever since the threat was contained and the orcs were either driven away to the south-west or contained on the central plains, the many Yoran polities have once more fallen to bickering amongst themselves over resources, petty slights, or just plain boredom.

The Summerland Empire

Over seven hundred years ago, Hebron the Wise united the great Houses of the Adiel, the people of the plains and rivers, into the Summerland Empire. Though the dynasty waned in power and lost military control over most of the land it once ruled over three hundred years ago, the people of the Summerlands still view the central plains of Yora as a single land, albeit one fractured by overreaching families and upstart warlords.

Though the different province-states of the Summerland Empire still nominally acknowledge the dynasty seat in Arioch, each province now functions as an independent state. Until the East Sea Invasion, disputes between the province-states would be settled by Arioch and enforced by the remainder of the uninvolved province-states that composed the empire. However, even that slight authority was shattered by the Orc Wars, which crippled many province-states and erased others outright. Now, all that remains are broken province-states that war and bicker and dream of re-uniting the empire-that-was.

Capital: Arioch
Racial Composition: 91% Adiel (Human), 4% Kyrin (Elven), 2% Khurfel (Dwarven), 3% Other

Mountain Cities of the Khurfel

The Mountain Cities of the Khurfel are a loose confederation of Khurfel (dwarven) cities that range through the central mountain ranges of Yora. Outsiders know little of Khurfel places, though legends tell of beautiful cavern cities sculpted so beautifully, solidly, and precisely that the stones themselves grow warm with pride. When confronted with such tales, the Khurfel often snort with amusement, though they rarely speak a word to the contrary.

Khurfel Culture


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Yoran Political States

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